We offer a wide range of services for the already established commercial property or homeowner who desire to maintain existing green grounds and flower beds.

A) Spring ad Fall clean-ups
     The spring clean up consist of:
             - Removing dead leaves and trash from flower beds, lawn and around building. 
             - Remove dead shrubs, bushes and annuals & trimming of heathy shrubs
             - Weed flower beds and spray weedkiller on flowed bed rocks
             - Reset in ground edgin and replace damaged edging            
             - One lawn mowing & line trimming
             - Lawn edging along sidewalk, driveway and porch walkway.

       The fall clean up consist of:
             - Raking dead leaves from flower beds, lawn, sidewalks, driveway and around building. 
               (Haul leaves or bagging and leave in curb).
             - Shrub trimming
             - Removal of annuals and cut perennials.           

       We can tailor the spring and fall clean ups to meet your needs by adding additional services or        removing the ones you don't need.

B) Sodding
     We install locally  grown sod and ensure that your sod is green and healthy at the time of
     installation. For commercial applications, we ship from sod farms located in northern Michigan.
C) Mulch and ground coverings:
    We use high grade natural much products as well as colored mulch. On the naturals, we carry
    hardwood and cedar. Colored mulches come in brown, black, gold and red. Colored mulch is made
    of crushed wood palettes. Also carry a wide variety of colorful rocks.
D) Shrub and flower planting
Should you have any questions concerning our services or need a non binding and free estimate, please fill in the "REQUEST A QUOTE" form on the top of this page or, give us a call at (734) 495-1061.
Ladscaping Servces
Property Mantenance.
      ​Our property maintenance packages are tailored to our individual customer's needs. As such, we can provide turn key grounds maintenance (Spring to Fall), which may include:

      A) All of the above Landscaping services
      B) Weekly lawn mowing, blowing of grass clippings from hard surfaces, line trimming and edging along sidewalks every other cut.
      C) Spring and Fall clean up as described above
      D) Sprinkler star-up, service & winterization
      E) Core aeration and detaching
      F) Shrub & Hedge trimming, flower bed weeding 
      G) Gardening 
      H) Fertilization Programs
      I  ) Pick up trash from lawn areas and sidewalks & properly disposing of them.