Payement terms, billing and late Payment Fees
Sprinkler Winterization Warranty Policy.
We will bill for each job upon completion of the scope contracted per signed customer agreement. 
You have the option to pay for services vial on-line or at the completion of the job. You can opt to receive an invoice via USPS or email.
The sole fact of opting to receive a bill, you are in agreement to the below terms and conditions. 
In addition, you are responsible to read an become familiar with this policies.
If your provided your e-mail address, we will send you an invoice via email.
For our lawn-mowing customers, we bill you at the end of each month for all services performed during that period.

Our labor is billed in minutes increments. Our tech will record start and finish time of any given job plus any break times.
In addition, we use our truck GPS tracking system to compare to our techs. labor recording.
2019/2020 Labor rates:
General landscaping labor:                              $40.00/man-hour
Sprinkler troubleshooting or repair labor:        $90.00/man-hour.
Sprinkler electrical troubleshooting or repair:  $100.00 /man-hour.
Service call                                                     $50.00 per event.

Payments due date & late payment fees:
​All payments are due with in 7 calendar days from invoice date (no exceptions). 
Your invoice is due in full within the time frame mentioned above, unless you have made different arrangements with the office.
If we don't receive your payment with-in the above time frame, we will asses a $15.00 late payment service fee. If payment is not received after 15 days of invoice date, we will stop all services until your account is paid in full. If you provided your credit card number as collateral, we will automatically charge all past due balance to the card.

If you balance ages 30 days, we will assess an additional 7% interest computed every 30 calendar days plus a $35.00 monthly service fee.

Should your account become 90 days past due, we will refer you account to a collection agency. They report to the 3 credit agencies. Customer will be responsible for all and any collection fees as well as any expenses incurred by D&L Sprinklers and Lawn Maintenance, LLC to collect your past due balance.

For your convenience, we accept credit cards payments(Visa, MasterCard, Amex and Discovery). Also, you can use our secure on line payment service thur pay pay from our HOME page. Customers can also pay their invoices via check sent to us by USPS mail or cash. 
Never mail a cash payment.

If you pay by check, please be advised that we use Checkvelocity for collection of returned checks. We charge a $35.0 fee for returned checks on top of any additional fees Check velocity may charge you.
The sole use of a check as payment is your acknowledgement and acceptance of our policy and the Checkvelocity terms and conditions.
Check velocity policy:
If your check is returned for non-sufficient funds, you expressly authorize your account to be electronically debited or bank drafted for the amount of the check plus any check velocity fees. For further information, please visit
All lawn sprinkler installations come with a 2 year parts warranty under normal use and we will replace defective parts at no cost to our customer.
Damaged head or components due to improper use or lawn equipment damage or damage from driving over or steeping over the heads is not covered. 

SPRINKLER WINTERIZATION: We cover (100% labor and 50% parts)  of all outdoor system components against freeze damage if its determined, upon inspection, that we improperly winterized your system and,  provided the following conditions  are fully meet: 

1.- All valves and levers are as we left them during winterization service (refer to winterizaton service report copy left with you) and drain point was not closed or obstructed in a way that impedes free flow of condensate water out oft he system
2.- Main valve in basement remains closed thru winter and 100% prevents water from intruding into sprinkler system.
3.- System has not been started as inspection MUST be done before any water is let in the system.
4.- Your system is equipped with a drain (cap or hose bib)  at the bottom of the back flow preventer or vacuum breaker.Hose bib must remain open thru the
      winter and cap off to allow condensed water to flow out of pipes.
5.- System winterized before 1st freeze of the season. (October 30, 2017)

Limited warranty will be given to systems winterized after 1st freeze of the season ( October 30,2017).  Our liability, should is determined that system was improperly winterized after inspection, will be limited to the amount paid to us for the winterization service.  In addition, customer must meet items 1,2,3 and 4 (shown above under this section) for limited warranty to apply.