Lawn Sprinklers
Design, Installaltion, Service, Maintenance and Winterization
1.- System Design (Commercial or Residential).
2. Installation.
Before we commence any digging, we ensure  that mis-dig has come out  and  identify all underground utility 
lines like gas, water, power, phone or cable. Also, we lay out the  entire  area with  flags  indicating  head 
location & zone, we also mark valve box and water main locations & verify watering reaches to ensure proper 
Once the property is prepared and staked out, we use a pipe puller to insert poly hose underground thru out 
the property. We also may have to do some boring under sidewalks or driveway.  If any sprinkler line will be 
close to any marked utility line, we hand trench to ensure no damage to the utility line.
Once the hose is in place, we dig trenches for  all  and every head and connect to the main via a swing joint. 
Valve box(es) and electric valves are set in place and ensure that there are no leaks in any pipe joint. We test our electrical connections and ensure proper conductivity and communication between every valve and the controller. Once the installation is completed, our crew will clean and remove derbies from the site.

We start the design process by collecting key field data and measurements ( for existing properties), like water supply pressure (psi), water rate (gal/min), lawn area to be irrigated, flower beds location & sizes, shrub & vegetation already in place. For properties nor built, we start by looking at the landscape drawings and calculate the required water rate, supply pressure and pipe size.
Once we above data has been defined, we properly size all hoses and heads for optimal and efficient water usage.
We install all head take outs from the main line in flexible swing joints to minimize head
load damage. Use only code approved materials like atmospheric pressure vacuum breakers (3/4" or 1" maxim pipe diameter), direct burial potable and non potable poly hose lines and wiring; water thigh connections, underground 24v valves and a wide variety of indoor/outdoor controllers. 
We only install state of the art Rain Bird or Hunter heads and controllers. We can provide AutoCad Designs and layouts.
All of our installations are always inclusive of a training session for either the homeowner or property manager. We explain how to use the controller and adjust watering times for seasonal adjustments or how to create new programs.
3.- Service, repairs and maintenance
Service can be scheduled as per needed basis or as part of a maintenance program. We have the ability to find an locate issues that prevent optimal performance. Our service techs have the tools, equipment and parts to perform any repairs (mechanical or electrical). 
Our repairs come with a one year warranty on labor and two years in parts, see company policies for more information. 
We only use original replacement parts from RainBird Inc. or Hunter Corporation.
4.- Winterization
Sprinkler winterization or blow out is the process we use to push the water out from the underground hoses of your sprinkler system to prevent winter water freeze damage. We use our own 185 cfm tow behind Ingressol Rand compressor. This high volume compressor ensures that most of the water is evacuated from the system.
We also ensure that compressed air goes thru the vacuum beaker and, if yours is equipped with a drain valve, we drain it.
We make our winterization process effortless and worry free for our customers. Provided we have your e-mail address on file, we will send you an electronic reminder and, if in agreement of the service, will schedule your appointment. Typically, if you mark your valve boxes for us, you you don't have to be waiting home for us. We can work from the outside. will leave confirmation of service in your mailbox and with in 24 hours, you will receive your invoice via e-mail. Then, from the comfort of your home office or your work place,  you can on-line pay for the service.