D&L Sprinklers is a family owned and operated business founded in 2001 and operates under a Sole Proprietor Member Managed Limited Liability Corporation 

Established in the fall of 2001, D&L Sprinklers commenced operations offering high quality, professional and reliable residential fall sprinkler winterization services in Canton,Mi  

After operating for a couple of seasons, we received strong customer feedback to provide spring start-ups and repair and/or maintenance services. So, in spring 2004 we added to our offerings sprinkler start-ups and service to residential sprinkler systems and, became structured under an LLC.

To date, we have been steadily expanding our service portfolio to meet our ever increasing customer demand for high quality and affordable lawn sprinklerproperty maintenance and landscaping services for new residential and commercial properties. Also, offer a variety of property maintenance plans for the already established properties.  

We provide easy of mind to our customers when performing our high quality installations or maintenance services at their properties since our equipment and staff are fully insured. In addition. we carry liability insurance to protect your property in case we cause any damage. 

About D&L Sprinklers and Landscaping, LLC.